I have always been an artist from the youngest age I can remember. For some formal training, I attended Skidmore College to study art. After a career in textile and clothing design, I began oil painting in earnest. With studios in Cape Cod, Massachusetts and Sanibel, Florida I draw from the inspiration of the sea.

Three years ago I was introduced to the ancient art form of encaustic wax. The word “encaustic” literally means to “burn in.” This refers to the process of sealing with a blow torch each layer of bees wax and pigment before applying the next. With this process the wax becomes hardened and stable. Luscious, translucent surfaces can be achieved.

Though representational, my work takes on abstract qualities with layers upon layers of energetic paint or wax. It is the journey that excites me, and I welcome the spontaneous and accidental process of drips, scrapes, and markings to lead the viewer ever deeper into the canvas. I find as each layer forms, the original intent is lost and a new one emerges; a dance between clarity and confusion.

I continue my artistic journey by studying with painting greats like Cynthia Packard and the encaustic masters of Provincetown. I also travel to Nicaragua and Uganda each year to share my love of art with the children.

I have won awards in national shows for my work, and I am represented by The Huff Harrington Fine Art Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia.